Stop "Dragon" My Heart Around: Interview with Vicki & Aveena Schoen

Jan 30, 2019

Thank you so much to Vicki Schoen (author/grandmother) and the inimitable Aveena Shoen (illustrator/granddaughter) for stopping by High Plains Morning to share information about their upcoming book signings on Feb. 2nd & Feb. 9th. 

Their book, Dary Dragon Can’t Go Home, was conceived because, as a custodial grandmother, Vicki found it hard to explain to a young child why she couldn’t live with parents in the house that she knew as home. Aveena was eight years old when she created the drawings for the book. She is now 10 and has been able to move back home.

These two will be signing books at the Burrowing Owl Book Store (419 16th Street) in Canyon, TX  from 12-2p on Saturday, February 2nd; another signing is scheduled for Chalice Abbey (2717 Stanley), also from 12-2p, in Amarillo for Saturday, February 9th.

According to Vicki, “We didn’t want to scare her or make her think [her parents] were bad people. We also didn’t know what the future would bring, so we couldn’t guarantee anything. She was understandably angry and hurt and needed a lot of love and comfort. Dary Dragon is not a panacea, but when read by a person who loves the child, I hope it can help get a conversation started that will help soothe the feelings and answer some of the child’s questions.”

Their book has been recommended for non-parental custodians, teachers, counselors, CASA volunteers, CPS workers, and others working with children who have been removed from their homes because of drug abuse. More information can be found at, and Vicki can be contacted through the site for speaking engagements, book group appearances, and/or grandparent support groups.  

Hear the full interview here.