Study: Older Americans Don't Move Enough

Sep 21, 2016

Credit Elizabeth Renstrom / TIME

Almost a third of older Americans simply aren’t moving enough, a recent TIME article reports.

According to a new study, 28 percent of people over the age 50 are too sedentary. In fact, more than half of baby boomers don’t do any exercise at all. That’s despite the unquestionable and widely known health benefits of exercise.

And the study went further. Not only are baby boomers not exercising, many avoid moving altogether, More than one in four Americans over 50 move no more than is necessary to perform the most basic functions of daily life. Geographically, people in the South were found to be the least active, followed by those in the Midwest. People in the Western part of the country move and exercise the most. Women were found to be slightly less active than men. The good news:  Just walking a little every day has been shown to improve heart health and memory.