Study: Three High Plains States Rank High In New "Smart" Study

Nov 25, 2019

Three states in the High Plains Public Radio listening area ranked in the top 20 in a study ranking the smartest states in the U.S.

According to, the three high plains states that fared the best in the rankings – based on college degrees, high school graduation rates and test scores - were Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.

21.2 percent of Kansas adults aged 25 and over have bachelor’s degrees and the state has an 87 percent high school graduation rate – both of which helped Kansas’ achieve a 7th place ranking.

Twenty-six percent of adults have bachelor’s degrees in Colorado, which had a 79 percent high school graduation rate, ranking it 15th.

Nebraska came in 20th with 20.9 percent baccalaureates and an 89 percent graduation rate.  

Texas and Oklahoma didn’t fare as well, ranking 30th and 50th, respectively.