Tea Party Candidate Wins Colorado Senate Primary

Jul 1, 2016

Credit David Goldman / AP photo

For the most part the US Senate races in 2016 tend to favor the Democrats, reports CNN. Republicans are defending 24 of the 34 available seats. Several of those seats are in traditionally “blue” states. But the most vulnerable Democratic seat up for grabs is in Colorado.

Senator Michael Bennet eked out a narrow victory in 2010 after having been appointed to the seat in 2009. And Republicans consider his seat a prime target to flip red. Bennet is seen as a weak candidate, and his seat looked like an easy pickup.

But, after much difficulty finding a solid candidate, Darryl Glynn won the primary this week. Glynn is a Tea Party favorite who has vowed not to work with Democrats if he wins. Even most GOP officials consider him unelectable. Add to that, his campaign only has $50,000 in the bank.