Texas Has Changed 31 Confederate Monuments, Including Amarillo’s Lee Elementary

Jun 6, 2018

Credit Public Domain

Texas has removed more Confederate monuments than any other state, according to a new study.

As The Dallas Morning News reports, a new breakdown from the Southern Poverty Law Center notes that, since a 2015 shooting in a historic black church in Charleston, 110 Confederate monuments have been taken down or changed nationwide. Over a fourth of those monuments were in Texas.

The Lone Star State has changed or removed 31 tributes to the Confederacy in the past three years. Those memorials include flags and the names of schools, parks, buildings and roads.

One such change occurred in Amarillo when Robert E. Lee Elementary School was renamed simply “Lee Elementary.” The renaming in Amarillo drew criticism from some educators and community members, who had wanted to see the name completely changed, instead of the shift to the simplified “Lee,” which some saw as a pointless half-measure.