In Texas, illegal immigrants prepare for the arrival of Trump administration

Jan 3, 2017

Credit Ilana Panich-Linsman / Rolling Stone

In Texas, undocumented workers have begun to prepare for the arrival of President Trump.

As Rolling Stone reports, the United States is currently home to 11 million undocumented immigrants. Most are now worried that their families will be torn apart by the severe anti-immigration efforts expected to be instituted by the Trump administration.

Now a growing group of immigrant activists in the Lone Star State are banding together to resist the Trump regime. They're putting together a plan to help kids in case parents are suddenly deported. They’re asking local officials to protect immigrants from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement plans. And they’re organizing meetings directly in their communities, to build a network of support.

Trump’s cabinet selections suggest he plans to show very little mercy to illegal immigrants. For example the man tapped to lead the DHS, retired General John Kelly, is staunchly anti-immigrant.