Texas to Receive Syrian Immigrants

Sep 16, 2015

A child walks in a United Nation's refugee camp in Turkey where thousands of Syrian refugees reside.
Credit UNHCR

Texans could soon be greeting some new neighbors from the other side of the world. According to The Texas Tribune, as strife in the Middle East continues to grow, the Lone Star State could see an influx of Syrian refugees fleeing their war-ravaged country. In fact, the resettlement has already begun, as 123 Syrians have come to Texas since last October. But that number is small compared to what’s coming. In the next year, the state may take in a sizable portion of the 10,000 refugees soon to be admitted to the US. In recent years, about 10 percent of the refugees admitted into the country annually have wound up in Texas.

The state department determines which refugees are allowed into the country. The process involves reviewing applications it receives through the United Nations and conducting security screenings.