Texas regulation allowing poisoning of wild hogs potentially dangerous to pork consumers

Mar 4, 2017


Credit Luke Clayton

Texas’ plan that will allow the poisoning of wild hogs as a control measure has many Texas hunters and environmentalists upset and in Luke's opinion, is doomed to failure from the outset. Luke is of the opinion that far too little research went into the adoption of this regulation that, if put into effect, will actually do far more harm than good in decreasing the number of wild hogs in Texas.

Trappers catch and sell thousands of wild hogs each year to meat buyers; the meat is ultimately sold in restaurants worldwide as "wild boar". If poison in introduced, this will cripple this industry because it will be impossible to know which hogs are poisoned and which are not.  

Granted, the meat of hogs that ingest this product, called KAPUT are said to turn blue on the inside after a period of time. The question is WHEN the hogs ate the poison. 

Australia, a country not known for squeamish people, stopped the use of this poison years ago because of the lengthy painful way it killed the hogs.