Texas Trial Is Underway, as Plaintiffs Try to Prove GOP Intentionally Diluted Minority Votes

Jul 12, 2017

Credit Wikimedia Commons

A landmark redistricting trial got underway this week in Texas, with prosecutors attesting that Republican lawmakers intentionally redrew district maps in 2013 in order to weaken the voting power of minorities in Texas, a move that would have bolstered the political heft of the GOP and led to an unfair balance of power.

As The San Antonio Express-News reports, the trial began Monday in front of a three-judge panel. If the civil rights groups who’ve brought the suit are victorious, it could force Texas to quickly redraw district maps before the elections in November of next year.

In two previous rulings from earlier this year, the congressional and state House maps were already found to have violated federal law.

However, those rulings did not require the maps to be redrawn, while this one would stipulate such an action.

Attorney General Ken Paxton has repeatedly insisted that the maps were drawn legally.