Texas Voting Machine Glitches May Be Favoring Republican Candidates

Nov 5, 2018

Credit public domain via PxHere

Tomorrow is election day, and the State of Texas has already experienced some problems with voting machines during early voting.

As POLITICO reports, glitchy voting machines have affected an untold number of early voting ballots in Texas, with the errors appearing to work in favor of Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz over Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke.

Civil rights groups have filed complaints alleging that the touchscreen machines have deleted some people’s votes for Democratic candidates or switched them to Republican votes.

It’s unclear, as of Tuesday, how many votes have been affected, and whether or not the errors would be sufficient to swing the race in either direction.

The glitches come after election security groups have been warning for at least 15 years of the perils of relying on voting machines that don’t produce a paper trail. The results from these machines are impossible to audit.