Train-hopping teen appears in Dumas after running out of Skittles

Mar 23, 2017

Credit Tim Drivas / Creative Commons

A train-hopping runaway adolescent showed up in Dumas, Texas, this week, complaining that she’d run out of candy.

As The Denver Post reports, 13-year-old Adelie Rivera, a resident of Lubbock, was on vacation in Colorado with her family when she decided to shed the shackles of bourgeois life and hop a freight car to freedom.

Unfortunately, Rivera had failed to supply her hobo sack with a sufficient supply of Skittles.

So, when the train arrived in Dumas the girl hopped off. A local sodbuster discovered her, describing the girl as “covered in coal dust.”

Adelie had been missing for four days, which begs a couple of questions: How many Skittles did Adelie Rivera leave Colorado with? And how slowly was she eating her candy?

Colorado law enforcement say there’s no reason to believe Adalie’s disappearance was criminal in nature.