Transportation Officials Seeking Public Input On Texas Train Service

Dec 23, 2018


The Texas Department of Transportation is seeking input from Texans on how to update the state’s railways.

The Texas Rail Plan includes a list of current and future rail projects, and the plan must be updated every four years. State law requires that authorities seek the opinions of the state’s citizens before updating the rail plan.

The public will have the opportunity to learn about and submit comments in an online forum, which will be open until March 1. Texans will be able to comment on all rail-related items, including issues related to both freight and passenger rail service.

In a press release, TxDOT noted that “The rail system is a critical component of our thriving economy, safely connecting industries, ports and people.”

Despite its long and storied connection to passenger rail service, the Texas Panhandle has not had access to passenger trains for the last few decades.