TUNED IN: HPPR’s 'Summer of Renewal' Still On

Jul 26, 2019

The on-air portion of HPPR’s "Summer of Renewal" membership campaign concluded Thursday evening.

However, our need for renewing and new members remains. If you missed a chance to offer support to High Plains Public Radio over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, there’s still time. Take care of it now so HPPR can take care of providing you with public radio service. Donate today by calling 800-678-7444 or going online at hppr.org.





Fun facts to know and share from this week’s news on High Plains Public Radio and HPPR Connect:

> “It's been in use for the last 50, 75 years. It will still be here, but there's gonna be a lot less water."—  Robert Lascano, wind erosion and water conservation researcher for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Lubbock, Texas

READ MORE | What Happens When The Massive Ogallala Aquifer Becomes Depleted?

> “It still remains to be seen whether [wind] surpasses coal for the entire year. … But, so far, it just illustrates the big transition that we’re having away from coal and toward wind power.” — Daniel Cohan, civil and environmental engineering professor at Rice University 

READ MORE | Texas Has Generated More Electricity From Wind Than Coal So Far This Year

> “When people speak up, the authorities will listen, and we hope that this news encourages other survivors — both in Kansas and throughout the country — to come forward.” — Statement from SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests) 

READ MORE | Kansas Investigating Scores Of Sex Abuse Allegations Against Catholic Priests


HPPR.org is your go-to spot for the latest news from the High Plains region, as well as our events, exclusives, and features. You’ll also find the latest national and international news. Here are this week’s TOP STORIES from our website.

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  5. What Happens When The Massive Ogallala Aquifer Becomes Depleted?

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  7. High Plains Outdoors: Catching And Eating "Fryer-Sized" Catfish

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  10. Kansas Community College Football Now Has Its Own Stars, Netflix Series And Scandals


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