Update: Texas Panhandle Wildfires

Mar 19, 2018

Credit Texas A&M Forestry Service / tfsgis.tamu.edu/currentfireactivity/

Over the weekend, several fires broke out across the Texas Panhandle.

According to the Texas A&M Forest Service, the County Line fire that started in Hartley County on Thursday and spread into Oldham and Moore counties burned 15,682 acres. It is now 100 percent contained.

The second largest fire, the Old Muddy Road fire, began in Potter County Sunday and burned 4,480 acres as of Monday morning, at which time it was 65 percent contained.

The Gravel Pit fire in Potter County began on March 15 and burned about 2,976 acres. As of Monday morning, that fire was 100 percent contained.

Here is the latest on other fires that broke out across the Texas Panhandle over the weekend:  

The Bird Elevator fire in Moore County, burned 100 acres, 100 percent contained.

The 1062 fire in Randall County, burned 300 acres, 100 percent contained.

The Ninth Avenue fire in Potter County, burned 400 acres, 85 percent contained.

The Limb Pile fire in Hutchinson County, burned.05 acres, 90 percent contained.  

For updates, visit the Texas A&M Forest Service website.