Website Ranks Health of Counties Across the US

Nov 12, 2015


The website has posted interactive maps showing the health rankings of every county in the US. Delving into the maps, HPPR made some interesting discoveries.

For example Randall County, which covers the southern part of Amarillo, is shown to be among the healthiest in Texas, ranking 27th in the state. But Potter County, which contains Northern Amarillo, is among the worst, ranking 209th out of almost 240 counties. Adjoining Carson County is slightly healthier that Randall, at number 26.

Things are looking good in the Oklahoma Panhandle. All three counties there rank in the top 15 in the state, with Texas County the 2nd healthiest of all.

Western Kansas is a mixed bag, with Stevens County the healthiest and Scott County the least healthy.

Southeast Colorado is shown consistently to be the least healthy part of the state.

You can explore the website's unique interactive elements here.