What Do People in Your High-Plains State Hate the Most?

Jul 23, 2017

Credit Sean MacEntee / Flickr Creative Commons

What do High Plains folks hate the most?

There’s a new app called Hater that works like Tinder, except it matches users based on common things they loathe.

As The Houston Chronicle reports, according to the app’s users, the most common thing Texans hate is . . . “sleeping with the window open.”

This may come as a surprise, as there are so many things to hate in Texas, like rattlesnakes and poorly constructed tacos.

Loose lips appear to be a major problem in the Sooner State, as Oklahomans evidently despise "hearing the latest gossip."

Meanwhile Seinfeld is the most hated thing in Kansas, for some reason.

And in Colorado, the most hated thing is the boy band *NSYNC, who broke up fifteen years ago. Never say Colorado doesn’t know how to hold a grudge.