Where do High Plains states rank when it comes to the environment?

Apr 19, 2017

Credit Wallethub

As wind turbines and solar panels continue to crop up across the High Plains, you may have wondered how green your state is, compared to other states.

The personal finance website WalletHub has compiled a list of all states, ranking them according to how friendly they are toward the environment. The site judges states on 20 key metrics, ranging from eco-friendly buildings per capita to share of energy consumption from renewable resources. States in the HPPR listening area did not fare well in the rankings.

Only Colorado made the top half of the list, landing at number 20 among states. Texas was farther down, at number 36, despite the Lone Star State’s massive wind-power production. Kansas and Nebraska were near the bottom, at numbers 42 and 44, respectively. And Oklahoma fared even more poorly, landing at number 46.

Vermont was found to be the most eco-friendly state, Wyoming was at the bottom of the list. 

Source: WalletHub