A Wild Weather Week on the High Plains

Apr 20, 2016

This supercell was responsible for several tornadoes in Colorado last weekend.
Credit Chris Hill / examiner.com

It’s been a crazy spring on the High Plains, to say the least. Last week, as reported by Newschannel 10, the Oklahoma panhandle saw torrential rains, hail, and tornadoes. Water flooded roads, and highways were closed. Meanwhile, roads were closed in the Texas Panhandle, too, and tornadoes touched down in the area.

The rains brought moisture to Kansas, as well, says ksn.com—but no flooding, thankfully. Albert, in Barton County, recorded the greatest amount of rainfall over the 48-hour period beginning early Saturday with almost two and a half inches. The heavy Kansas rains were a welcome relief after devastating wildfires last month.

Colorado saw tornadoes, too, with the first one touching down near Eads in the late afternoon, as reported by examiner.com. But nature wasn’t done. In the wake of the Colorado tornadoes came ping-pong-sized hail, and finally a spring blizzard that dropped more than 50 new inches of snow overnight in some areas of the state.