Will Libraries of the Future Be Book-Free?

Dec 8, 2015

The Do Space lobby.
Credit Bill Kelly / NET News

A new type of library in Omaha has Nebraska Public Radio asking, will libraries of the future contain no books? Do Space, a self-described “community technology library,” comes equipped with high-end computers loaded with professional software, gaming and electronic gizmos for kids. The space also features community classes and workshops. Membership and access to most services are free of charge.

The Do Space computers are stocked with software often too expensive for a home or small business to afford. Libraries like these hope to give underprivileged children equal footing with more wealthy kids, who have expensive computers at home.

“We learn together now,” one local dad said. He added, “[Kids] have more of a rapport with computers rather than a book. Tablets rather than pen and paper.” In its first month of operation, Do Space has hosted more than 10,000 visitors.