Wind Turbines' Ill Effects

Dec 14, 2017

Credit CC0 Creative Commons

While wind energy is of benefit to environmental health, it seems to be having some ill effects on human health.

As Gatehouse News reports, a couple in Michigan knows that firsthand.

Cary and Karen Shineldecker of Mason County Michigan began suffering anxiety, headaches, ear pressure, tinnitus, heart palpitations and sleep disturbances believed to be caused by low-frequency pulsations after Lake Winds Energy began operating its 476-foot-tall turbines around their home.   

In a six-month GateHouse Media investigation, reporters interviewed more than 70 families living near over 30 current or proposed wind farms and found that the projects create other types of issues, as well, like shadow flicker and noise.

A six-month GateHouse Media investigation revealed that the wind industry has known about many of these issues for quite some time, but denies that turbines affect human health, even as complaints mount nationwide.