Ad Astra - Star Gazing on the High Plains

Wide open spaces and endless skies have inspired folks living on the High Plains to reach for the stars…whether to become an astronauts, presidents, farmers, or star gazers.  Ad Astra reminds us to look up.

Brad Nuest is the host of Ad Astra.  He's a long-time amateur astronomer and space enthusiast.  He's been a big fan of the Cosmosphere for a long time, and now it's his career.  

Ad Astra – Stargazing on the High Plains is a partnership with High Plains Public Radio and The Cosmosphere.

The Cosmosphere is an international center for applied science education housing a Smithsonian-affiliated, world-class space museum.   It also offers applied science educational programs and camps for school-aged youth and Scouts throughout the year.  

The Cosmosphere is located in Hutchinson, Kansas.  Find out more at

Supermoon Eclipse is Sunday

Sep 25, 2015

Fall is right around the corner and if you’re a stargazer this is good news.  The nights are longer, the temperatures cooler and the bugs will soon be gone. This month is a great time to get out and observe one of nature’s best events - a total lunar eclipse.