Classical 24

  • Hosted by ROTATING HOSTS - See description.

Classical 24, or C24, is a nationally syndicated classical music service dedicated to live classical music programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. C24 hosts carefully craft each broadcast. Lively, engaging, and knowledgeable, they illuminate the music they present with well-researched insightful information, taking care that every program is accessible and stimulating for novices and aficionados alike. Since 1995, it has been produced by American Public Media and PRX/PRI. The hosts featured include: Julie Amacher, Andrea Blain, Scott Blankenship, Melissa Dundis, Jeff Esworthy, Valerie Kahler, Garrett McQueen, Kevin O’Connor, Melissa Ousley, Mindy Ratner, Elena See, Steve Seel, Steve Staruch and Lynne Warfel.