Growing Bolder

Thursdays from 1:00 to 2 am CT

Growing Bolder® is the right show at the right time. Targeting active-lifestyle baby boomers, this weekly 60-minute program features stories, advice and inspirational insight from men and women who believe it's not about age; it's about attitude. Growing Bolder guests come from every walk of life but all share one important quality - a passion for living life to its fullest at any age. Growing Bolder entertains, educates and inspires, taking listeners on an adventure with the men and women who prove it's never too late to chase and catch your dreams.

"Growing Bolder is like the caffeine jolt you need Sunday mornings," says WMFE Program Director Patrick Dalton. "It's an invigoration, fascinating and fun journey with people making the most of the prime of their lives." What sets it apart? The hosts don't just ask people about what they have done, they ask guests about what they're going to do. From masters athletes to artists; entertainers to philanthropists, Growing Bolder has interviewed some of the biggest names and brightest stars in the world. With hundreds of interviews in the library, and more added every week, people of all ages and backgrounds will find inspiration. It's ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

"Growing Bolder is is great content that inspires audiences of all ages by offering a unique and entertaining perspective on aging," says WMFE President and CEO José A. Fajardo. "It's a game changer." The Growing Bolder brand is well-known and respected, thanks in part to the nationwide distribution of "Growing Bolder TV." More than 200 public television stations currently air the weekly show, which is a perfect partner to Growing Bolder Radio.