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Luke Clayton invites you to his camp to talk about the great outdoors.   Every Saturday morning, during Western Swing and Other Things, he'll be telling hunting and fishing stories, and a whole lot more.  You'll learn how to make sausage, cook over a campfire, get some wild game recipes, as well as inside tips on how you can become a more successful outdoorsman. 

Luke Clayton

Luke Clayton grew up in northeast Texas and is addicted to everything outdoors. Luke’s passion is bow hunting, but he also enjoys shooting and hunting with big bore air rifles, and fishing for everything from Northern Pike to catfish.  

He currently writes a weekly newspaper column that appears in over thirty newspapers and several regional publications.

Luke is on the pro staff and media advisor for Darton Archery, Smokin Tex Electric Smokers, and Airforce Air Guns.  

His new book, Kill to Grill was recently published.  He's also the author of  the book, "Hunting and Fishing Texas." You can also find more information about his books and listen to his weekly hour-long radio show at www.catfishradio.org

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Luke Clayton

In past shows, Luke has talked about making ham from wild hog backstrap. Join him this week as he walks us through the process of sugar curing and smoking a bone-in, whole ham from a feral hog.

Luke Clayton

I am continually amazed at what I don’t know about the outdoors. Oh, I’ve spent a very active life I the woods and on the water, learning about the patterns of fish and wildlife. It’s now been almost six decades since I was a 10 year old tromping the backwoods of East Texas. As a long time outdoors writer, I have had the privilege of being schooled by some expert biologists and guys that make their living in the outdoors.  In my quest to learn more, I took the courses and became a Master Texas Naturalist several years ago.

Luke Clayton

Did you ever see a new, innovative product or way of doing something that made you stop and think, “WOW, why didn’t I think of this?” As a lifelong outdoors person, I have occasionally come across such products. One was a mirror blind several years ago that a company called Ghost Blind introduced me to. I actually used and tested one of the prototypes. The blinds are lightweight and easy to pack into the woods have become very popular and revolutionized the way many of us hunt from the ground.   

Luke Clayton

Many of us will be spending time at the lake this summer and in today's High Plains Outdoors, Luke shares a quick and easy and... TASTY recipe for breakfast or brunch.

Take a listen to today's show and you'll get the idea. It might just become a favorite weekend brunch around the house, as well.

Capt. Mike Williams

A potential client once asked Capt. Mike Williams to describe hooking, and landing a big shark. Williams, who has spent a lifetime fishing and guiding anglers in the bays and Gulf around Galveston, answered: “It’s like standing on a street corner with a rod and reel and hooking a passing Harley Davidson going 80 miles an hour. I tell my new clients to anticipate the fish fight of their lives, then multiply their expectations by 10, and they will come close to understanding the sheer power of a big shark.

Luke Clayton

Through the years, I have been designated cook in camps from the wilds of Canada to south of the border. I absolutely love cooking outside and preparing meals that are simple and tasty. This past weekend while filming a cooking segment for my weekly outdoor show, I prepared a Dutch Kettle recipe that I learned years ago from the late Bob Hood, who wrote about the outdoors for almost a half-century. Bob was a great Dutch Kettle cook and taught me a recipe for quail that we used on many quail hunts.

Luke Clayton

Luke is about to head to the wilds of northern Saskatchewan to Iskwatikan Lake Lodge for five days of catching walleye, pike and lake trout.

In today's show, Luke explains how easy it is to coordinate the travel and details of actually 'getting there.’

Feel free to email Luke for more information through his website or visit the following two links for more information. 

Luke Clayton

This week, Luke recaps a couple of very enjoyable days earlier in the week that he spent with his friends, the Rices, at their Buck and Bass Ranch in east Texas.

Richard Rice traveled from Arizona and harvested a big wild boar and Luke connected with a small 'eater' hog, the backstraps from which he had on the smoker within an hour after the harvest.

The resulting pulled pork BBQ backstrap sandwiches made for an awesome lunch - from the woods to the dinner table in 3.5 hours!

Luke Clayton

Luke's guest for today's show is fishing guide Seth Vanover.  Seth guides on Lake Fork and Lake Of The Pines in eastern Texas for crappie, catfish and trophy largemouth bass. 

In today's show, Seth goes into detail explaining the subtleties of summer fishing for crappie using a jig and light tackle.    

High Plains Outdoors: Tips For Catching Catfish

May 10, 2019
Luke Clayton

In this week's show, Luke heads to Lake Tawakoni to catch a bunch of 'eater' size blue catfish weighing between two and 10 pounds with veteran catfish guide, Tony Pennebaker.

The dead of winter is prime time for catching numbers of  trophy size blues but now is the time to stock the freezer with good eating, smaller catfish.

In today’s show, Luke shares some catfishing catching tips from Pennebaker that will help your plan your trip.

Luke Clayton

More turkey talk this week on High Plains Outdoors! Luke enjoyed an exciting turkey hunt at Dale River Ranch with his friend and manager at the ranch, Randy Douglas. 

Luke had a gobbler sneak in behind him and open up gobbling, as loud as a gobbler can gobble, at a mere 15 feet. Well, click and listen to Luke tell the story. 

Luke Clayton

Luke talks about what's on the outdoor agenda this coming week.

First comes a turkey hunt early next week on the Dale River Ranch www.daleriverranch.com in Palo Pinto County, Texas with Luke’s friend, Randy Douglas, who manages the ranch.

Later in the week, Luke travels up to Lake Fork to participate in the Yantis Catfish Classic to join his friend, Jeff Rice, and rather than fish in a boat, the duo will go 'Old School’ and fish with cane poles in a creek on the upper end of the lake.

Luke Clayton

Many turkey hunters are at a loss as to how to use the thighs and drumsticks from the wild turkeys they harvest. Granted, these are the very toughest part of the bird but they can be made tender.

Tune in this week to learn how Luke transforms them into some of the very best fajitas imaginable!

Learn more about Luke by visiting www.catfishradio.org

High Plains Outdoors: Calling Wild Boars

Apr 12, 2019
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke tells about an exciting new adventure (for him) - CALLING WILD HOGS!

Luke used THE BULLET HP by Convergent Hunting Solutions to successfully call several wild hogs within camera range. One almost touched THE BULLET with its nose and all came within close rifle range.

Calling hogs, just like any other outdoor endeavor, doesn't work every time, but Luke is 3 for 3 in his early efforts.

Luke Clayton

This past week, Luke joined his friend Jeff Rice and some good friends on Jeff's Buck and Bass Ranch situated on the upper end of Lake Fork in northeast Texas and did some "old school" cane pole fishing in a creek that traverses the ranch.

The poles were set out and checked every couple of hours while the guys tossed downsized jigs and spinner baits for crappie, white and yellow bass.

A big fish fry back at camp wrapped up the festivities.

High Plains Outdoors: Calling Wild Boars

Mar 29, 2019
Luke Clayton

If you think calling wild hogs within rifle or bow range is not a 'doable' deal, better think again.

Glenn (hog caller) Guess, aka The Hog Zombie, called in this monster boar that actually charged Deryl Markgraf. On three other calling sessions, Guess and Markgraf had hogs come into the call and harvested five on this hunt.

Luke Clayton

This past week, Luke's newspaper column quoted some words from Robert Rourke, the famous outdoors writer, about sportsmen putting the fish and game they catch and kill to good use on the table.

One of Luke's readers replied to the column with an apology for not butchering and eating all the wild hogs he kills. Luke sent a reply explaining that wild hogs are not considered game animals, although they are excellent eating - even better than venison, in Luke's opinion.

High Plains Outdoors: Night Hunting Wild Boar

Mar 15, 2019
Luke Clayton

This week Luke talks about the various ways hogs are hunted at night in Texas and discusses a fat boar he has targeted for his next sausage making project. 

Luke's night hog hunting rig. A little .224 Mossberg Patrol Rifle, Hornady Full Boar Ammo and a Photon XT digital scope www.sightmark.com

Luke Clayton

Spring turkey season is just weeks away. Just about every turkey hunter has some downright comical hunts to reflect upon. Luke certainly has.

Turkey can be depended upon to do the unexpected, which often equates to some humorous antics. In today's show, Luke recalls one such hunt.

To learn more about what Luke is up to, visit www.catfishradio.org

Luke Clayton


It won't be long until it's time to chalk up the old box call and get our turkey hunting gear in order for the opener of spring turkey season.

In today's show, Luke "talks turkey" and discusses some of the challenges of getting a big old long beard with a shotgun or bow range.

If you enjoy hunting turkey in the spring, it's definitely not too early to begin making plans! 

High Plains Outdoors: Let's Talk Turkey

Feb 22, 2019
Luke Clayton

Tune in this week and 'talk turkey' with Luke.

Luke interviewed Mr. Brett Jepsen with Three Curl Outfitters for his newspaper column this week and divulges a few of this pro turkey hunter's secrets.

Jepsen's outfitting business offers turkey hunts in both Texas and Kansas. 

High Plains Outdoors: A New, Old Fishing Spot

Feb 15, 2019
Luke Clayton

Luke comes to you from the porch of his little hunting cabin, nestled in the oaks behind his house this week.

Tune in and listen to Luke tell about an old fishing camp he discovered while exploring some new hunting land this past week. 

Luke Clayton

This week, Luke comes to you from the porch of his little hunting cabin, nestled in the oaks behind his house, with the topic of mountain lions.

Earlier this week, a jogger was attacked by a juvenile 80-pound male mountain lion on Horsetooth Mountain in Colorado. The jogger managed to choke the lion to death, which in itself is an amazing feat. 

Luke Clayton

In this week's High Plains Outdoors Luke discusses the various types of night vision used for hunting wild hogs.

Thermal is hands down the most versatile of all form of 'lighting up the night' but it is also the most expensive.

Luke uses a Photon XT digital scope by Sightmark that is good for both day and night hunting that costs a fraction of the cost of the high-end thermal scopes. 

Luke Clayton

Luke spend a couple days last week helping to host some outdoors writer friends on a big bore airgun hunt sponsored by Pyramyd Air www.pyramydair.com.

Joe Arterburn, who freelances a column for Outdoor Life, Doug Howlett, editor of Fur and Fangs, and Larry Chesey, senior editor at Sporting Classics, joined Luke in east Texas at B & C Outfitters, owned by Mark Balette.

The 50-caliber Dragon Claw was put to work and did a great job putting wild porkers on the ground. 

Luke considers part of his job as an outdoors journalist for almost three decades is to introduce his readers/listeners to awesome outdoor opportunities.

Last week, Luke visited a brand new hunting, fishing and weekend getaway located only a bit over two hours from Dallas, the Broken Stone Ranch www.brokenstoneranch.com, which offers reasonably priced hog hunting year 'round but there is no better time to go than during the winter and spring months.

Luke Clayton

In this week's High Plains Outdoors, Luke recaps a yellow bass fishing trip he went on last week.

Yellow bass, sometimes called 'barfish' are excellent eating and provide great sport when using light spinning tackle.

"Yellows' can be caught on a wide variety of downsized baits or one-third sections of minnow.

In Texas, there is no limit on yellow bass and these little fish are excellent eating.

Tune in and hear all about this past week’s outing that Luke enjoyed with Stubby Stubbfield, Jeff Rice and Shannon Wheeler on Lake Fork in East Texas. 

Luke Clayton

This week, Luke talks about the trusty old lever action 30-30 and how he has recently replaced a scope on his rifle with a quality Williams peep sight.

Thanks to eye surgery a little over a year ago, Luke can again see well enough to shoot iron sights, possibly as well as when he was a teenager.

Luke Clayton

Wild pork is plentiful during the winter months at Luke Clayton’s house and he puts it to use in various ways, but any lean meat - domestic or wild - will work with this recipe. 

Luke first learned how to prepare this tasty dish from a Mexican cook at a hunting camp down on the Texas/Mexico border back in the late 70s.

Rather than measure the cumin, salt, garlic, etc., Luke much prefers to taste test the stew as it cooks. Cumin is the predominate seasoning and it's important to use enough of it to give the dish it's "Mexican" taste.

Luke Clayton

On today's High Plains Outdoors, Luke tells how easy it is to make homemade tamales and ... how much money you can save by doing so!

This past week, Luke used his iron sighted 30/30 to harvest a fat 'eater' size wild hog weighing about 120 pounds. There are so many ways to turn that fresh wild pork into tasty meals but tamales and Christmastime go together like, well, wild hogs and pork chops!

Take a listen and Luke will walk you through the process and in no time you will be turning your own game meat into one of the tastiest of all Mexican dishes...FRESH TAMALES!