Oleander—Thoughts from Here

1st & 3rd Saturdays during Open Range (3:00 PM CT hour)
  • Hosted by Thomas Fox Averill

HPPR now welcomes regional commentary by fictional Kansan William Jennings Bryan Oleander of Here, Kansas. Oleander—Thoughts from Here attempts to tease out the essence of place. It's voiced and penned by author Thomas Fox Averill, an O. Henry Award winner and Professor Emeritus of English at Washburn University of Topeka, KS. For more than 25 years, Oleander has become a tradition that honors and examines life in Kansas and on the High Plains, and we're thrilled to have it on our station. Don't miss this this delightful feature, which will air on the first and third Saturdays of the month, during the 3 o'clock hour of Open Range with Steve Johnson. 

Gardening - Even If It's Late

Apr 6, 2019
Wikimedia Commons

Folks, used to be I’d plant potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day even if I had to get muddy doing it.  This year, I was lazy.  Or was it tired?  Or was it just plain old?  Mabel Beemer stopped by my house with a little verse:  "Spring is sprung, the grass is ris',/ Wonder where Oleander's garden is?"

"Lordy, Mabel," I said, "I've been busy.  Iola and I had company.  Then we did a bit of traveling.  And I’ve got a complicated tax year.  And our cat named Balanced Budget died."

Oleander - U.S. 81and Dividing Lines

Mar 16, 2019
Ks Department of Transportation

If you're curious, you're probably wondering:  "Where is Here, Kansas?"  I'll tell you:  real close to Highway 81.  Why, I can walk from Elmer Peterson's Drive-Thru Pharmacy and Car Wash at the corner of John Brown and Kansas streets down to the Co-op at the corner of Wyatt Earp and Kansas streets, and feel like I've moved from Prairie to Plains.

You know, U.S. 81 gets blamed for being a dividing line.  In Kansas, it divides Eastern from Western Kansas.  Folks west of Concordia, Salina, McPherson and Wellington are thought by eastern Kansans to be "out there."  In fact, one Kansas historian named his book WEST OF WICHITA because he thought the experiences west were so different from those east of Wichita.

Oleander's Traveling and Boosterism

Mar 2, 2019

Folks seems like every spring, every little town starts to wonder who might visit, and help the local economy.  Some of them work hard to create a gimmick to promote itself, to make it stick in the memory of passersby, to bring it honor or distinction.

Garden City is Cutting Horse Capital, among other things.  Oakley the Fossil Capital, and Kingman the Plow Capital.  It's boosterism, pure and simple.

Oleander Valentine's Renewing of Vows

Feb 16, 2019
Lynn Boitano, Garden City KS

Folks, my sweetheart Iola Humboldt and I have eighteen grandchildren and twenty-three great-grandchildren. We keep their names, with their pictures, on our refrigerator.  Last month, Iola said, “We need a bigger refrigerator!”  We had just returned from another family wedding: one more picture and name to learn.

Oleander: Liberal Pancake Day Race

Feb 2, 2019
High Plains Public Radio

Well, folks, I stood there last Ash Wednesday, in 2015, with the newspaper in my hand, dancing in my driveway.  Mrs. Peterson, next door, asked me if I was okay.  Thinks because I'm an old man, there might be something creep up on me all of a sudden. 

"No," I told her, "everything's had its way with me already.  It's just this good news shaking me up because I’ve come to expect the worst.  I pounded the newspaper.  Showed her the headline: LIBERAL OUTRUNS OLNEY, ENGLAND, IN PANCAKE RACE. 

Oleander: Kansas Day Notables

Jan 28, 2019

Folks, either at the end of the year, or near Kansas Day in my state, every newspaper, magazine, and radio show is picking the Top 10 fashionable people, important people, young people on the rise, or just plain Kansans of the year.  I'm suspicious of such popularity contests, juried by people who don't know a lot about history. 

Thoughts from Here, Kansas

Jan 19, 2019

For the past 20-plus years, William Jennings Bryan Oleander, of Here, Kansas, has been commenting on life in the West—Kansas and the High Plains.  Oleander tries to tease out the essence of place and what it means to be a person of place.

Folks, I'm William Jennings Bryan Oleander.  The William Jennings Bryan is for the great "Boy Orator of the Platte," the great "Popocrat" (half Populist/half Democrat), the People's Hope at the turn of the century in the presidential election of 1896, when it looked like the common people might grab control from the moneyed, self-interested corporations.