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Songbirds will feature music that is heavily steeped in acoustic rhythm and sound.   The parameters will include singer/songwriters, bluegrass, traditional tunes and modern folk.  All songs will be acoustic in nature, featuring instruments such as guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, stand-up bass, piano and various acoustic instruments.  :Your host, Valarie Smith, will highlight emerging artists in the folk scene while paying homage to traditional tunes that have long peppered the folk genre.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, here are the two links for the two HPPR Showcases we presented for Folk Alliance International's "Folk Unlocked!" Thanks to all the artists who contributed, and thanks to the Texas Music Office for sponsoring the "Texas Room."

***HPPR Showcase: 2/22 (8p-12a)

***Texas Room: 2/23 (6a-10a)


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A few weeks ago on SONGBIRDS, I reached a magical milestone: an interview with one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Ron PopeWe talked about his new project, "The Builder." As the world of a Nashville-based artist shifts through the rubble-- both from the tornado and a pandemic-- Ron has found a way to rebuild community through his music. (The best part: he gets to wear sweatpants!) 

While it isn’t safe to go to parties right now, HPPR listeners are invited to a one-of-a-kind, on-air birthday celebration this Saturday, June 6th from 1 to 3 p.m. CT – socially-distanced and broadcast right into your ears! Don’t miss a special, two-hour Songbirds with Valarie Smith in celebration of High Plains Public Radio’s month-long 40th Anniversary!

Don't miss the new exhibit on display at HPPR Studios in Garden City, KS. This show features artist Miguel Rodriguez in an exhibit called "Aquarela," which translates to "watercolor." The artist states, "For this show, I was inspired by birds. They represent freedom and grace. I am also fascinated by all of the colors and different shapes of their feathers." He decided to use watercolors due to the effect of the water and pigments and what they create on the page, depending on the layers.

Thanks so much to Valerie Brown-Kuchera of HPPR's Little Spouse on the Prairie for her thoughts after a FULL YEAR of writing and producing her regional feature for HPPR. Plus, she was just awarded Honorable Mention from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters!  

Thanks so much to Dave Smith for taking the time to talk to HPPR listeners during High Plains Morning this  

We believe HPPR listeners will love this show as much as we did when we selected it as a new program. We're all going to miss Folk Sampler, but please check out this new show by tuning in after What the Folk? on Saturday nights at 9pm CT. 


HPPR has a big announcement: we have a new show! After much deliberation and review, we are thrilled to introduce Ozark Highlands Radio, which will replace Folk Sampler at 9pm CT on Saturday night. 

This new program has a long history. It's a weekly radio program that features live music, jam sessions and interviews recorded at Ozark Folk Center State Park’s beautiful 1,000-seat auditorium in Mountain View, Arkansas.

Don't miss the Incendiary Kid, Dana Cooper, LIVE IN CONCERT at HPPR Studios in Garden City! This High Plains favorite is back in the USA after a couple of months in Canada and Ireland, and HPPR's Living Room Concert Series is thrilled to have him back in our region for a fabulous night of folk music and storytelling. 


This week on Songbirds,  host Valarie Smith shares the peculiar way she was introduced to the music of Patty Griffin.  Enjoy a little spoken word about stepping stones, right before we sink like a stone to The Bottom of the Sea with Sean McConnell.   We'll join Anais Mitchell with Why We Build The Wall and welcome the music of Martin Gilmore to the HPPR airwaves.   All that and much more this week on Songbirds, Saturdays at 1.

High Plains Public Radio is thrilled to announce TWO NEW MUSIC SHOWS highlighting the best in folk, roots, acoustic, Americana and more—and they're BOTH hosted by regional DJs, born and raised on the High Plains! Don't forget to tune in THIS SATURDAY and catch HPPR's exclusive new programs, Songbirds and What the Folk?