Securities donation to HPPR

If you have stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares or other securities that have appreciated in value, donating them to High Plains Public Radio allows you to avoid capital gains taxes while also receiving a tax deduction for their full fair market value. Depending on the circumstances, the result may be a gift that costs just pennies on the dollar.

You may wish to discuss the particular tax benefits for you with your financial advisor, broker or accountant.  If making a donation, please make the transfer in the name of Kanza Society Inc., HPPR's legal incorporation, and Federal ID #48-0859735.

Your donation can be easily made through HPPR's brokerage account with Edward Jones. Click here for a downloadable page that has all the required numbers and contact information (account #, Federal ID #, Depository Trust Corporation #, etc.). If further information is required you can also contact the Edward Jones office directly at (620) 272-9598. If you are planning on making a donation we would appreciate your letting us know so we can be sure the transfer is properly completed and your gift is promptly recognized.

Contact Deb Oyler, Executive Director, at or 800-678-7444. She'd be happy to hear from you or your financial advisor, accountant or broker about the transfer. She'd also be happy to discuss any questions you or they may have.