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Western Swing Radio Rambler
Saturdays at 2:00 PM CT on High Plains Public Radio

Western Swing Radio Rambler offers a fresh approach to dance music from all the way back to the cowboy barn dances. Your host, David Waddle, features a unique mix of hardwood honky tonk, dance hall ditties, bowlegged ballads, waltzes, rags, traditional tunes, and some old-time and bluegrass to boot. And of course, you’ll certainly hear a lot of Western Swing – the genre that was born right here on the High Plains and has been designated as the official music of Texas. And we almost forgot to mention: all the songs featured will have ONE thing in common: you can dance to ‘em! So grab your dance partner and call your friends, because it’s time to cut a rug. Dance in the driveway, waltz in the kitchen, and party on the patio—and to all you wallflowers out there, don’t worry: you can dance with your ears if your feet don’t fit the dance floor. David broadcasts from the High Plains Public Radio studios in Amarillo, situated right on historic Route 66. If you want to get in touch, he’d sure love to hear from you. Just send him an email.

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