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The Leeds Business Research Division at the University of Colorado Boulder released their 55th annual “Colorado Business Economic Outlook Forecast” Monday. 

Richard Wobbekind, executive director of the Business Research Division and senior economist at the University of Colorado Boulder,  joined KUNC’s Colorado Edition to walk us through the findings of the report, and what’s ahead for our state’s economy in 2020.

Today on Colorado Edition: a new poll looks at how Americans feel about red flag legislation. We'll look at the numbers and what they mean for Colorado. Plus, we dive into the state's standardized test score data and meet a sculptor in Loveland hoping to break the bronze ceiling with a work dedicated to the suffragette movement. Finally, we'll celebrate National Radio Day. 

Today on Colorado Edition: 66 motorcyclists and 10 bicyclists have died on Colorado's roads so far this year. We discuss tips for driving, motorcycling and cycling safely. Plus, we learn about the future of abandoned oil and gas wells in the state. At the same time, a long-abandoned plot of land along Highway 36 moves towards development. Finally, a high-security plant destroys the U.S. Army's chemical weapons in a race against the looming threat of climate change. 

On this week's Colorado Edition, a look at how the "hate state" was transformed into a leader in equal rights. Plus, a look at what happens to a rural community when the young people move away, a program that teaches athlete-level physical conditioning for musicians, and a review of the new movie The Fall of the American Empire.

It's the unofficial start of summer, and crowds are flocking to national parks and public lands in search of the perfect Instagram shot. We also look at a different kind of crowd — of the home-buying variety — vying to purchase a limited supply of real estate in northern Colorado, and explore how climate change is threatening national security at the North Pole.

That and more in this week's episode of Colorado Edition.

In this week's episode of Colorado Edition, we take a look at what Colorado lawmakers did this past session to help ease the state's transportation issues, dig into the regulations for pesticides used on marijuana plants, venture off the beaten path to where an artist was busy bringing the Breckenridge troll back to life, and more.

In this week's Colorado Edition, we remember Columbine 20 years after the attacks and look at what's changed since then. Other stories include changing the face of public art in Colorado and a review from film critic Howie Movshovitz.

In this week's Colorado Edition, we look at the prospects for Colorado’s former governor as he enters the 2020 presidential race, talk civil discourse with 1A host Joshua Johnson and get a peek behind shed door of Nederland's most famous frozen resident.

KUNC's Colorado Edition: Snow, Wind And Fire

Feb 22, 2019

On this week's Colorado Edition, we take a look at the impact of wildfire risk on home insurance, dive into the science behind cloud seeding and hear a review of the film Arctic.

KUNC's Colorado Edition: It's A Jungle Out Here

Feb 15, 2019

On this week's Colorado Edition, we hear from the man who killed a mountain lion in self-defense, explore uncertainty over the U.S. military's transgender policy and recap the Denver teachers strike. Plus, did you know there's a matchmaker... for zoo animals?

On this week's Colorado Edition, how a small increase in the minimum wage is having a big impact on businesses and workers. Other stories this week include a look at what the new farm bill means for the hemp market and a visit with a big, concrete reminder of an ugly part of Colorado history.

On this week's Colorado Edition - the last episode of 2018 - we look at lawmakers' plans to address high insurance rates on the Western Slope. Other stories this week include what ski resorts are doing to combat climate change and one man's personal debate on whether he should start carrying a gun.

On this week's Colorado Edition, we talk about how to get a bird's eye view while in a windowless box. Other stories: man therapy aims to prevent suicide among men, the Colorado River Compact is broken and Colorado's dependence on the H-2B visa program.

On this week's Colorado Edition, we take a look at some of our - and your - favorite stories from this year. It's fun for the whole family and may be a lot easier to digest than your great-aunt's mystery casserole.

On this week's Colorado Edition, the midterms are behind us and the stars aligned for the Democratic party in Colorado; meanwhile we look up at the night sky and wonder… where did all the stars go? (Don’t panic, they’re still there - we just can’t see them because of all the lights around here.) Plus – what’s the impact of a shorter school week? Hint: It’s not as easy for parents to play hooky as they'd probably like.

This week's Colorado Edition is devoted to stories of veterans and their families -- tales of torture, courage, perseverance and love.

KUNC’s military and veterans reporter Michael de Yoanna guides us on a journey that spans several wars, from Vietnam War to Afghanistan.

On this week's Colorado Edition, the Terminator throws his not-insignificant weight behind measures to end partisan gerrymandering in Colorado, and how diversity is creating big city problems for small town communities.