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An effort to recall Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has gained traction with the Secretary of State’s approval Monday.

As The Denver Post reports, the group Dismiss Polis is gathering signatures to oust Polis and on Monday, received approval from the Secretary of State’s Office to begin printing the petitions and distributing them to supporters.


A drone is being used to aid in a three-dimensional remake of the Camp Amache Japanese internment camp in southeast Colorado.

As The Denver Post reports, researchers used a drone from the Switzerland-based company senseFly last week to map the project for future restoration work at the camp, where over 7,000 Japanese-Americans and immigrants were imprisoned during World War II.

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Students in Colorado are increasingly reporting friends and classmates who are at risk of harming themselves.

This as the state has seen an alarming spike in youth suicides over the past few years.

As The Denver Post reports, suicide has become the leading cause of death for individuals between the ages of 10 and 24 in Colorado.

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A sick horse from Weld County, Colorado is prompting a search for hundreds of other horses that may have been exposed to a viral disease.

As The Denver Post reports, Colorado officials think up to 240 horses sold to people in 20 states were on the premises with a male horse infected with Equine Infectious Anemia, a viral disease that has no cure.

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The death of an 8-year-old boy at a parade in Colorado last week has brought the idea of parade safety plans back to the spotlight. 

As The Denver Post reports, the boy was participating in Windsor’s annual Harvest Festival when he was hit by a float.

But it isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

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Xcel Energy’s plan to boost renewables was approved by Colorado regulators Monday.

As The Denver Post reports, Xcel Energy Colorado plans to boost the share of power it gets from wind and solar and retire a third of its coal generation.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission voted 2 to 1 in support of Xcel’s Colorado Energy Plan, which the company says will increase its renewable energy sources to 55 percent within the next eight years.

Wild Horses Being Impacted By Extreme Drought

Jul 24, 2018
US Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management

Harsh drought conditions in parts of Colorado and other states are pushing wild horses to the brink and spurring extreme measures to protect them.

As The Denver Post reports, water and food is being hauled to Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona to aid wild horses in remote grazing areas where drought has caused dried up springs and vanishing vegetation.

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A Colorado couple is warning other parents after their 3-year-old was locked in a washing machine filling with water.

As The Washington Post reports, Alan and Lindsey McIver’s 2-year-old daughter Kloe was locked inside a washing machine last week. It is believed that the toddler crawled inside and then her 4-year-old brother Jace shut the door.

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A new initiative would bar oil and gas extraction on more than 80 percent of non-federal land in Colorado.

As The Denver Post reports, over four out of five acres of non-federal land in Colorado would be off-limits to new oil and gas drilling if voters approve a proposed ballot measure this fall.

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With wildfires continuing to burn in Colorado, two laws are going into effect aimed at fighting and preventing them in the future. 

As The Denver Post reports, the penalties for leaving a campfire unattended or not fully extinguished in grasslands or a forest just became tougher under a new state law that went into effect Sunday. 

Under that law, violators will be hit with a Class 3 misdemeanor punishable by a maximum fine of $750, six months in jail or both.

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Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is being criticized by some for his veto of a pot bill that some think could boost the black market for pot.

As The Denver Post reports, Hickenlooper, a term-limited Democrat, vetoed a bill that would have opened up the cannabis industry to investment by public companies. Kristi Kelly, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group, said help proliferate the black market for pot.

A Look At Colorado's Treasurer Candidates

May 23, 2018
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There are three Republicans and two Democrats on the June 26 primary ballot for the state’s treasurer job this year. The Denver Post recently published a rundown of each candidate.

On the Republican side is Justin Everett, Polly Lawrence and Brian Watson.

Everett is a state representative who left the Colorado General Assembly to get into the treasurer’s race to advance his hard-line positions on fiscal responsibility.