The Southern Poverty Law Center says it will make $30 million in grants available to nonprofit groups in five Southern states to help register and mobilize voters of color.

The campaign will go through this year's election, as well as the 2022 midterm elections.

"The United States has a long history of denying voting rights to its citizens, especially black and brown people, returning citizens and young people," said SPLC president Margaret Huang.

Texans who want to vote in the upcoming Texas primary runoff election have until Monday, to register.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott delayed the upcoming primary runoffs from May to July after the coronavirus pandemic hit the state of Texas.

Republicans and Democrats seldom agree on much in 21st century politics — but one issue that divides them more than ever may be voting and elections.

The parties didn't only battle about whether or how to enact new legislation following the Russian interference in the 2016 election. They also differ in the basic ways they perceive and frame myriad aspects of practicing democracy.

LAWRENCE, Kansas — Tobias Wood is thinking twice about working at a polling place in Shawnee County this year. He’s done it since 2018, but now he’s practicing social distancing to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

He knows that might be difficult during elections, when he needs to handle people’s IDs and have voters sign in on a tablet.

Texas counties have started seeing updates to the state’s election reporting system that will allow them to break out the vote totals needed to determine how many delegates are won by presidential contenders on Super Tuesday. The refinements to the portal used by the state's 254 counties to report results come after Texas Democrats raised the prospect of a delay in calculating delegates.

Michael Stravato / The Texas Tribune

After Democrats raised the prospect of delays in calculating presidential delegates on election night, the secretary of state's office has updated the system counties will use to report results on March 3.

From The Texas Tribune.

2020 is going to be a busy election year. So we have compiled the most important dates in one place — you'll never have to worry about missing a headline.

TOPEKA, Kansas — Kansas and federal election officials say they know the 2020 election could come under attack from foreign governments or rogue hackers. They also insist they’re braced to guard against efforts to tamper with voting.

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Election Day is Tuesday and aside from local offices, here are the items voters will decide on in the Kansas, Texas and Colorado elections. 

There are no elections in Oklahoma or Nebraska.

Voters across Texas will vote for and against 10 state constitutional amendments on Tuesday.

Texans are voting  on 10 amendments to the state constitution. Closer to home, Austinites are deciding the fate of two city propositions.

Here’s what you need to know before you head to the polls.

You can go to VoteTravis.com to check if you are indeed registered properly in Travis County. Check out this site to verify your registration anywhere in the state.

If Proposition DD passes this November, not only would sports betting become legal, but Colorado could secure a new way to fund “state water projects and obligations.”

What’s that you say? There’s an election coming up? Yes!

Some smaller cities and towns in Central Texas will be voting on city council races, bond propositions and school board races on May 4.

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Tuesday night’s elections went largely as expected in the traditional Republican bastion that is Oklahoma.

Few Surprises In Tuesday’s Texas Panhandle Elections

Nov 6, 2018
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Tuesday night’s elections went largely as expected in the Texas Panhandle, with incumbents John Smithee, Kel Seliger, and Mac Thornberry all easily winning re-election. In Canyon, voters approved a 200 million dollar bond for school improvements.

Meanwhile, on the statewide level, Governor Greg Abbott easily defeated Democratic rival Lupe Valdez. And Ted Cruz defeated Democratic upstart challenger Beto O’Rourke.

Every county in the Texas Panhandle went for both Cruz and Abbott. 

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The Ford County clerk’s office prohibited reporters from entering the Dodge City’s sole polling site today.   

According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, media wasn’t allowed to take photos or video in the Western State Bank Expo Center.

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Tomorrow is election day, and the State of Texas has already experienced some problems with voting machines during early voting.

As POLITICO reports, glitchy voting machines have affected an untold number of early voting ballots in Texas, with the errors appearing to work in favor of Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz over Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke.

Election Day will be here before you know it. It’s like finals week in your civic life.

So when Tuesday, Nov. 6, arrives, you’ll be ready, right? Because you’ve been cramming by reading up on all the candidates, watching every debate, scouring candidate websites for position papers, of course.

Why Do We Elect Judges In Texas?

Oct 24, 2018

From Texas Standard:

The Texas Standard and public radio stations across the state have been working together to help you make sense of the midterms through our Texas Decides project, inviting listeners to send in their questions.

Patsy Culver, a CPA and artist in Alpine, asks:

“My question is: Texas is fairly unique in that we elect our judges. I have not found anywhere that I can find the positions of the judges that are running this year."

Oklahoma Prepares To Select New Governor

Oct 22, 2018
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On Nov. 6, Oklahomans will go to the polls to elect a new governor.

KFOR has released a helpful guide to the policy differences among the candidates.

Kevin Stitt, the Republican candidate, says he would reduce the budgets for all 400 state agencies while giving the governor the power to fire underperforming agency leaders in appointed positions.

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As election day approaches, the two most populous counties in the Texas Panhandle are seeing record numbers of voters registering to cast ballots.

As MyHighPlains reports, both Potter and Randall Counties have seen the highest number of registrants ever—this despite the lack of a presidential candidate on the ballot.

Friday Is Final Day For Voter Registration In Oklahoma

Oct 11, 2018
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Today is the last day to register to vote or update your registration, if you live in Oklahoma.

As The Tulsa World reports, voters are encouraged to go online and verify their information, in case it needs updating.

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This year’s midterm elections are less than a month away, and voter registration deadlines are upon us.

If you haven’t yet registered to vote, you’d better hurry.

Today is the deadline to register in Texas. The Lone Star State has the strictest deadline on the High Plains; and one of the earliest in the country.

With the registration deadline only three days away, Texans looking for voter-registration forms on the Secretary of State's website this weekend got an error message for nearly a day. Applications for mail-in ballots were also inaccessible. Information about who's running for office this November was also knocked offline.

Service was restored by late Saturday.

Starting next year, Kansas counties are required to do post-election audits. The check will make sure the voting process — from equipment to office procedures — is done correctly, and the election results are accurate.

According to legislation approved earlier this year, a county election board will review at least one contested race on federal, state and county levels.

According to legislation approved earlier this year, a county election board will review at least one contested race on federal, state and county levels.

Leslie Boorhem-Stephenson / The Texas Tribune

Justin Nelson, a Democrat running for attorney general, is positioning himself as the champion of protections for pre-existing conditions, one of the most popular provisions of the landmark health care law.

From The Texas Tribune:

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This year’s midterm elections are less than eight weeks away, and voter registration deadlines are fast approaching for states across the High Plains. If you haven’t yet registered to vote, you have only have a few weeks left to do so.

A voting equipment vendor says a coding error is behind the delay in this year's primary election results in Johnson County, which left some statewide races undecided until the following morning earlier this month.

Nebraska-based Election Systems & Software (ES&S) issued an apology Monday, taking responsibility for the delay. Gary Weber, vice president of software development for ES&S, said it came down to a "non-performing" piece of software, which caused slow processing of the 192 encrypted master thumb drives that held the votes.

Roughly a third of Texas high schools have requested voter registration forms from the Texas Secretary of State’s office, a new report from the Texas Civil Rights Project finds.

Requesting forms from the state agency is the first step schools must take so they can register students to vote. Texas law requires schools to give eligible students these forms at least twice each school year.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas is launching a voter hotline to guard against voting problems.