Garden City KS

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Hello, I’m Dennis Garcia.  I was born in 1951 in Garden City, Kansas.  Today, I’d like to share with you a family story about two great historical events that took place in the 1930s, the Great Depression and The Dust Bowl. 

University Press of Kansas

Dennis Raphael Garcia, AWA, is a retired attorney and teacher. Garcia earned his law degree at the University of Kansas and his Bachelor’s degree in Business at the University of New Mexico.

He practiced civil and criminal law, and served as a Judge Pro Tem in Magistrate Court. He taught government and law at a public high school in Tucson, Arizona.

Corinne Boyer / Kansas News Service

Every summer since 1922, locals and tourists have flocked to Garden City’s Big Pool. Once promoted as “the world’s largest outdoor free concrete municipal swimming pool,” it holds around 2 million gallons of water. “Holds” might now be an overstatement.

Garden City Community College Trustees voted Tuesday to spend $100,000 on an independent investigation into the exertional heatstroke death of a football player last August.

The family and friends of 19-year-old Braeden Bradforth from Neptune, New Jersey, have been calling for an independent probe since the teen died after a conditioning practice.

Nikki Talley & Jason Sharp, celebrated road warriors & folkmasters hailing from North Carolina, return to the High Plains for TWO SHOWS (in Amarillo & Garden City) the first weekend in May. Nikki & Jason's live set is incredible. These two have it all: expertly crafted melodies and lyrics, cloud-crushing vocals and harmonies, and excellent guitar and banjo pickin'. PLEASE TELL EVERYONE, and come out to support LIVE MUSIC on the High Plains. 

Garden City Community College, in partnership with HPPR and the Tumbleweed Festival, are proud to present MARTIN GILMORE at the first-ever HPPR Living Room Concert on the GCCC campus on Thursday, March 21 in the Beth Tedrow Student Center Portico on campus at Garden City Community College  at 7:30 pm. Suggested donation is $15. 

Oleander's Traveling and Boosterism

Mar 2, 2019

Folks seems like every spring, every little town starts to wonder who might visit, and help the local economy.  Some of them work hard to create a gimmick to promote itself, to make it stick in the memory of passersby, to bring it honor or distinction.

Garden City is Cutting Horse Capital, among other things.  Oakley the Fossil Capital, and Kingman the Plow Capital.  It's boosterism, pure and simple.

A place expecting an influx of refugees has a choice to make: throw up barricades or throw open its arms. A new documentary called "Strangers in Town" shows what happened when Garden City, Kansas, chose the latter.