We were happy to welcome back Kara Word, Director of Development at The Parc, to High Plains Morning this week to remind folks that this Saturday night, November 16th, they’ll host the 5th annual one-of-a-kind art show fundraiser,

"Everyone knows the old saying, 'You can’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes,'" says Kara Word, Director of Development at the Panhandle Adult Rebuilding Center, also known as the PARC). This forms the basis for a fundraising race, Sole4Soul, happening THIS SATURDAY, July 13th at 8 am CT.

Thanks so much to Colin Cummings (Six Car Pub & Brewery) and Amy Dixon (HMIS Program Coordinator at the City of Amarillo's Community Development Office) for stopping by High Plains Morning today. They shared information about the Coming Home Project, an initiative to help raise funds for area residents who are "chronically homeless." 

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The City of Amarillo is following through on its threat to sue a local landowner for allowing a homeless encampment to reside on his property. As The Texas Observer reports, Amarillo officials announced last week that they would take Melvin McEwen to court over the homeless tent village.

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A tent city of homeless campers in Amarillo was told last week that they must once again shut down their camp and go elsewhere.

As KFDA reports, the Christ Church Camp must disband by the end of this week or the city of Amarillo will begin fining the camp’s homeless residents $2,000 a day for being on the site.

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On New Year’s Eve, a couple of dozen people gathered in Amarillo’s Ellwood Park and lit candles to honor homeless people who have died. As The Amarillo Globe-News reports, the vigil marked the second annual Homeless Memorial Day.

There are many events like this in the United States around this time of year, though most are usually held on Dec. 21, the longest night of the year. But Amarillo homeless advocates have found that New Year’s Eve is a better day for Amarilloans.

Michael Schumacher / Amarillo Globe-News

An Amarillo man who made headlines last month for his creative way of helping others is at it again.

Last month Kit Rudd gained statewide attention for living among the homeless in Amarillo to call attention to their plight. And now Rudd has announced that, later this month, he plans to ride the 300 miles to Dallas on horseback.

Trevor Brown / Oklahoma Watch

The number of homeless students in Oklahoma has soared by 55 percent over a period of just four years, according to Oklahoma Watch. As of 2015 the number stood at almost 28,000 homeless students in the state. Of that number, about 1,600 were live in unsheltered locations like cars, parks, campgrounds and abandoned buildings. The rest are “doubling up,” meaning they’re runaways or unaccompanied youths living with relatives or friends.

Luke Clayton

Luke's guest on High Plains Outdoors this week is one of his long time friends Joe Dunn. Joe is a Chaplain for Victim Relief Ministries and also uses his BBQ skills and... his gigantic smoker nicknamed The Beast, to feed homeless folks and anyone in need of a great BBQ meal. 

Joe gives some cooking tips that is sure to help your next BBQ turn out great. Joe's wife Donna works with her husband and through the years, the duo have prepared thousands of meals for people in need. 

Ben Bohall / NET News

NET Nebraska recently delved into what it means to be a homeless student in Nebraska. When most of us hear “homeless,” the word conjures certain images in our minds. But Bryan Seck’s job as homeless outreach specialist for Lincoln Public Schools is to change that perception. “Family homelessness is not folks on the street,” Seck explains. “Family homelessness is working class people and something bad has happened to them and they don’t have savings.”