KANZ Radio

Never Too Late To Be Awarded

Feb 14, 2020

In HPPR’s early days, hardly anyone had FM radios.  They were considered luxury add-ons in vehicles.  Most people on the High Plains hadn’t heard of All Things Considered or NPR. 

But still they gave, they worked and today, despite the ongoing challenges of sustaining operations, HPPR exists as an essential part of the rural landscape. Technically, we were the FIRST station licensed to a rural community rather than to a tribe or educational institution. 

Hello, Radio Readers and Radio Reader wannabees! I’m Jane Holwerda from Dodge City KS. We’re celebrating public radio on our High Plains. Did you know? This year marks the 40th year of High Plains Public Radio broadcasts!  

2020 also marks HPPR Radio Readers’ fourth year of successful book club series.  So. Welcome to HPPR Radio Readers 2020 Spring Read: Radio Waves!