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This is it, folks! This week at West Texas A&M University, the Center for the Study of the American West (CSAW) will host the Southern Plains Conference 2020 with the theme “Representing, Modeling, and Imagining Water on the Southern Plains.” The event kicks off this Thursday, February 20th and runs through Saturday, February 22nd in Canyon, TX. The conference will take place on campus at the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum (2401 4th Ave., Canyon). So today we welcomed back Dr. Alex Hunt to give us some updates and reminders. 

High Plains Morning was thrilled to have Chip Chandler live in the studio this week to remind folks that this Tuesday, August 6th from 6:00 - 8:00 PM, Panhandle PBS will host a preview screening of Ken Burns’ anticipated new documentary series Country Music, which charts the genre’s evolution from its beginnings as “hillbilly music” through the Nashville neotraditionalists of the 1990s.

Thanks so much to Stephanie Price, the Communications and Marketing Director at Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, for stopping by High Plains Morning today to share details about their beer + art party this weekend! Crafts & Drafts is happening on this Friday, March 1st from 6-9 pm CT. If you like beer-themed food, music, crafts, & trivia, this event is for you!

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The financial woes of a prominent West Texas Museum have been receiving a lot of statewide attention over the past couple of weeks. The Panhandle-Plains Museum, on the campus of West Texas A&M University in Canyon, appears to be in serious financial trouble.

First, the museum was the focus of a feature in the Texas Observer entitled “Plight at the Museum: The best Texas history museum you’ve never heard of is staring down a financial crisis. Will it survive?”

Book lovers, mark your calendars! On Sunday, May 6, from 6 to 8 p.m. CST, HPPR Radio Readers invites you to a live, on-air, book discussion for the 2018 Spring Read: "WWI-Perspectives."

Don’t miss a spirited discussion of our four books with panelists from Panhandle-Plains Historical MuseumBethel College, & High Plains Public Radio + educators from across our region! The panelists will explore themes raised in the discussion of the book through contributed Radio Reader BookBytes. Plus, it will stream live on HPPR's Facebook page!

The West Texas A&M University Distinguished Lecture Series will present Dr. Travis Langley in a presentation titled “Psychology of Superheroes” at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 29 in the Hazlewood Lecture Hall at Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum (PPHM). Langley’s talk will explore heroism and psychology in connection with PPHM’s recently opened PDr. Travis Langleyop Culture exhibit.

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West Texas A&M University in Canyon took a big hit this week, as the budget approved by Governor Greg Abbott slashed funding to the school by almost $2 million.

Meanwhile, the A&M flagship university in College Station received a hefty increase of $14 million in funding.

Programs receiving cuts at WT include agricultural research and small-business development. The Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum also had its funding slashed.

Amarillo and Strong West Winds

Mar 29, 2016
DeGolyer Library SMU

I’m curator of art and western heritage at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum at West Texas A&M in Canyon, Texas.  I’ve been asked to comment on this month’s High Plains Public Radio’s Radio Reader A Strong West Wind by Gayle Caldwell.  I’ve lived out here for going on 29 years.   I grew up in Kansas and the title appealed to me initially because of the reference to wind.  I’m out west of Canyon, a little bit north and west of Canyon.  Canyon sits about 18 miles south of Amarillo.

American artist George Catlin (1796–1872) journeyed west five times in the 1830s, traversing the Great Plains where he visited and painted more than 140 American Indian tribes. The exhibition “George Catlin’s American Buffalo” presents 40 original Catlin paintings from the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s collection to show the crucial role of the buffalo in Plains Indian culture. Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum will host the Smithsonian American Art Museum Touring Exhibition “George Catlin’s American Buffalo” May 30- Aug 30, 2015 in the Foran Family Galleries.