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After coming across an intriguing folk compilation entitled Working-Class Heroes: A History of Struggle and Song, I reached out to the artists who released this project: Mat Callahan & Yvonne Moore. I was thrilled when Mat offered some time to chat with High Plains Morning and share some insights from the album, the accompanying book (which is out this month), and the deep

Democrats are trying to figure out how to win back white working-class voters after last month’s loss to Donald Trump, and at least one member of President Barack Obama’s cabinet has a few ideas.

Tom Vilsack has served as agriculture secretary for the entirety of Obama’s administration, and as a former governor of Iowa, he has urged his fellow Democrats for years that their party needs to reach out to rural voters.

Pew Research Center / The Wall Street Journal

In 1992 the Democratic Party nominated a Southern-drawling man from Hope, Arkansas, as it’s choice to become president. Almost a quarter century later, the party that will choose that man’s wife as its nominee is a different animal than it used to be. As Peter Nicholas reports for the Wall Street Journal, the Democratic Party of today is more liberal, better educated, less willing to compromise, and decidedly less white.