Amid the feedlots of Ulysses, the Main ARTery helps artists strike creative vein

Apr 28, 2015
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The landscape of southwestern Kansas is colored mostly shades of brown… dotted with circles of green…. with the distinct interruption of feedlots. But, in the small town of Ulysses, there’s a place that nurtures creative souls. Some call it “brush storming.” Local artists gathering around a table working on projects while they chat about life and ask each other for artistic advice. It’s like an old-fashioned quilting bee. The Main Artery also showcases the work of artists, but it’s more than a gallery says Tracy Teeter. She purchased the business in January. It’s also a creative workspace.. a place to perfect your skills… and gather with friends. The gallery started with 11 members over a decade ago. Today there are 21 different artists from a 100 mile radius.

ULYSSES - Janice Baldwin calls it "brush storming." On this spring day, the Ulysses woman sat at a table with fellow artist Shalene Henley, putting finishing touches on a watercolor of an old Diamond Rio truck that had caught her eye at a car show.

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