Once a courthouse, soon to be a distillery

May 28, 2015
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In an ironic twist of fate, the building that once housed the seat of law and order is becoming the very thing that took some to face the judge In an ironic twist of fate, a distillery will call the courthouse home. The Dodge City Courthouse and old city hall is being renovated to become Boot Hill Distillery. Hays Kelman is a co-owner. He says whiskey will be the main attraction, but it takes a few years to age, so the business will also produce vodka, gin, white whiskey and red eye whiskey. Kelman is partners with his father and Chris Holovach. They’ll be using grain from their farms in Haskell and Scott Counties. Kelman says they want to keep everything as local as possible. A fall opening is planned.

New whiskey coming to Dodge City is not that far away. Around the first week of May the Boot Hill Distillery was approved for their distillery permit to be able to distill and sell liquor in Dodge City."We had to wait to begin any work on the property until we had permit approvals," distillery co-owner Hayes Kelman said. "Once the paperwork was done we began demolition and renovation right away."The distillery will be located at 501 W. Spruce St. where the old city hall and courthouse were.

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