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Fighting Brain Drain in the Sunflower State


For years, Kansas has had a problem: How does the state keep college graduates from moving away and taking jobs elsewhere?

For example, of the 2008 class from Wichita State University, 70% were employed in Kansas a year later, in 2009. Since then those numbers have dropped every year, landing at only 57% of grads from that class still emplued in the state as of last year.

“The fact that they stay here and then after five years they migrate away, means that we’re probably not addressing what they’re looking for,” said Tony Vizzini of Wichita State.

Now, as KSN reports, the Kansas Board of Regents is tackling the problem head on. A big part of that effort comes from partnerships with Kansas businesses. Right now, the Board is looking towards what internship opportunities there are with industries here in Kansas.  The next step will be to strengthen, support, and grow those types of internship programs.