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High Plains Outdoors
Saturday mornings, 7:35 a.m. CT, during Weekend Edition.

Luke Clayton invites you to his camp to talk about the great outdoors. 

Every Saturday morning at 7:35 a.m. CT during Weekend Edition, he'll be telling hunting and fishing stories, and a whole lot more.  You'll learn how to make sausage, cook over a campfire, get some wild game recipes, as well as inside tips on how you can become a more successful outdoorsman. 

Luke Clayton

Luke was raised in very rural Red River County where he grew up hunting and fishing. He began amateurishly writing about his adventures at the age of 12, the accounts of his boyhood outings often filling several pages of his Big Chief tablets.

Luke began writing professionally in his 20s and currently writes an outdoor newspaper column that runs weekly in 45 Texas newspapers. Luke is hunting/shooting columnist for Texas Wildlife Magazine and writes regular features for several other outdoor magazines, including Airgun Hobbyist, where he is also Hunting Editor.

Luke and his good buddy Jeff Rice film and produce a weekly outdoor show, A Sportsman’s Life. Please go to YouTube and subscribe. Radio is a fun endeavor for Luke and his shows are known for his relaxed and ‘down home’ style.


Luke covered hunting for the current Texas Almanac, one of the oldest and most revered publications in the state.

With 40 years under his belt, Luke has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. He continues to love the lifestyle that has been so fulfilling throughout his life.

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  • Deer love grapes, that's the reason you see high fences around most vineyards. Luke's guest this week is Mr.Paul Moore with Vineyard Max www.vineyardmax.net . Paul devised a way to dry grape skins and incorporate them with grains to make a super effective deer attractant. Click to listen to this week's show.
  • This week, Luke gives some tips for loading game into a pickup or ATV. Back injury is a definite possibility, especially for older hunters when attempting to load game into the bed of a pickup. Listen to Luke's tips in this week's show, it might just save you some back problems. Listen to Luke's hour-long outdoor show at www.catfishradio.org.
  • Luke talks muzzleloaders today and gives some insights in to just how far modern day muzzleloaders such as the CVA line of muzzleloaders (www.cva.com) have advanced during the past several decades.
  • In today's show, Luke tells a little comical story about a deer hunt and turnips. You will have to click and listen! Luke also wishes all his listeners here on High Plains Public Radio a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  • Luke is talking taxidermy this week with Joe Parker, owner of All American Taxidermy 214 596 8171 Facebook All American Taxidermy Texas . Click to learn some tips that will help insure your taxidermist can do the very best job on your mount.