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Planting the Plains
Airs Thursdays at 10:30 am CT and Saturdays at 8:35 am CT

Every week, Anthony Reardon presents Planting the Plains, a weekly feature designed to provide the High Plains with timely, yet timeless, research-based, reliable, horticultural information that can assist in bettering everyday lives by easing the burden of troublesome landscape issues.

Each episode will bring a new horticultural, entomological, or wildlife topic to the forefront, furthering practical knowledge on how that topic pertains to the average person, and how that person may need to address such a topic in their own backyard.

To reach Anthony with questions or comments, please send him an email!

Latest Episodes
  • With the heavy winds we get on the High Plains, tree damage is not uncommon. But it's hard to tell if your tree will still grow the way you'd like it to, after having branches torn off or broken during a storm. This week, we'll talk about what you can do to help your trees recover, and how to improve your chances of success.
  • One thing most gardeners forget to consider from time to time when working on their garden...patience isn't just a virtue, it's what you'll need to more fully enjoy the growing process, and the time you wait before you can enjoy your harvest. This week, we'll talk about why it's important to be patient, and the value of being patient!
  • Container vegetable gardens can be a good way to grow, but it's important to consider the ways that growing this way can differ from in-ground gardening...some of the same pitfalls will still apply, but perhaps not always in the same way. This week, we'll talk about what to consider when planting in containers.
  • Obviously, you'll need to water your plants,but how much is too much? This week, we'll talk about how to recognize when your plants are struggling with more water than they can handle, and how to nurse them back to optimum health!
  • While it's easy to remember that a plant's roots help to anchor it into the ground, one of the best reasons to help ensure a properly healthy root system is to help your plants get access to the most and best nutrients available. This week, we'll talk about how location and soil choice can help you get better yields this year!
  • Sunlight is all around us, and yet we don't always take the time to consider what it gives us. This week, I'll share how my early childhood fascination with sunlight led me to focus on learning how much light was good for my plants, and which fruits and vegetables could use a bit less. We'll talk about the best ways to give your plants all the light they need, and no more!
  • No matter how long you've been gardening, there will always be something new to learn...maybe you learned from a parent or grandparent, or your neighbor may have a new technique, and of course, experience is also its own teacher. This week, we'll talk about a few things worth considering, and which may help prove beneficial in your garden this year!
  • Don't take it too personally when one or more of your plants just...doesn't make it. It happens. In fact, it doesn't make you the plant murderer you might fear you've become. And in a way, it's almost freeing, as it's part of the natural cycle, and keeping this in mind, along with how much new life you're also bringing into the world, can help to deepen your relationship with your garden, and nature in general.
  • Despite your best efforts, some of your gardening efforts can be partly or fully undone by pests or environmental issues in your neighbors'yards. But you can use their struggles to help prepare for, and prevent, such issues taking root in your gardens and yard, and we'll talk about how in this week's episode!
  • Lawn weeds are a nuisance for anyone with a lawn, but they don't have to be! This week, we'll talk about the best ways to mitigate your weeds for a perfect, green lawn in your yard.