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Little Spouse on the Prairie
Airs Sundays at 8:35 a.m. CST (During Weekend Edition)

Each week, Valerie Brown-Kuchera brings us Little Spouse on the Prairie, the show where she pokes affectionate fun at her husband, her kids, her home and her rural life, even though she loves them all fiercely.

Little Spouse on the Prairie airs at this same time each week. It is a production of High Plains Public Radio. Written and voiced by Valerie Brown-Kuchera, with music by Kelly Werts, and produced by Ron Rohlf, with assistance from Angie Haflich.

More Little Spouse on the Prairie episodes can be found online at hppr.org.

Want to learn more about the show? Hear her interview with Jenny Inzerillo on High Plains Morning!

Latest Episodes
  • I have a significant phobia of flying. My feet like being planted on the flat prairie earth, where they were either intelligently designed or evolved to stay. My husband claims that my fear of flying stems more from my inability to be a backseat driver to the pilot; regardless of the source of the fear, it’s there, it’s real, and it’s intense...
  • Today, I am going to fill you in a bit more about my jack-of-all-snores, Joel. Lest you think that the Andy Griffith theme song whistle is the only type of snore Joel exhibits, let me just tell you, he has a repertoire of noises that he emits after hours...
  • I’m reaching out to listeners and readers for advice as I share this first of many sketches on today’s topic: my poor husband’s snoring. This is, “The Andy Griffith Theme Song.”
  • We’ve been talking about garage sale season, and I realized after last week’s show that I had more to discuss regarding these summer staples of the high plains...
  • In the past few years, small towns on the High Plains have been hosting community-wide garage sales. Only in a small town do all the neighbors get together to plan a weekend-long junk fest. I love to grab a friend or two and trek out for day of treasure hunting.
  • My teenager will piddle around in the kitchen from time-to-time, although it looks as if she may have inherited my culinary skills. Not too long ago, she…
  • Nearly every evening, Joel delivers snacks and drinks to our bed. He has learned that it’s just easier to do it before I start begging and finding excuses as to why I can’t go myself. Because I am the queen of waiting him out.
  • Spring cleaning often brings a variety of small projects to our yard and home. Every year, I make a resolution that this spring, I’ll be satisfied with…
  • As the school year draws to a close, my kids are feeling the anticipation. Indeed, they are almost giddy. I am too. Those first joyful nine seconds of…
  • Last week, I talked about how poor Joel, rather than admit defeat in the face of a broken icemaker, secretly delivered ice from the garage freezer for…