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Little Spouse on the Prairie
Airs Sundays at 8:35 a.m. CST (During Weekend Edition)

Each week, Valerie Brown-Kuchera brings us Little Spouse on the Prairie, the show where she pokes affectionate fun at her husband, her kids, her home and her rural life, even though she loves them all fiercely.

Little Spouse on the Prairie airs at this same time each week. It is a production of High Plains Public Radio. Written and voiced by Valerie Brown-Kuchera, with music by Kelly Werts, and produced by Ron Rohlf, with assistance from Angie Haflich.

More Little Spouse on the Prairie episodes can be found online at hppr.org.

Want to learn more about the show? Hear her interview with Jenny Inzerillo on High Plains Morning!

Latest Episodes
  • I had just settled into a steaming bath for my weekly 15 minutes of peace. Joel had already showered and was down having his midnight snack, a ritual he must maintain so he doesn’t get too skinny.
  • We started dropping the R soon after setting off. It all began when I printed out maps of two possible routes to get from Leutasch, Austria to the tiny country of Lichtenstein. We had barely recovered from our exhausting experience on Germany’s Autobahn, so perhaps that’s why we chose the route that went through only rural areas in the Alps.
  • As we left the city of Mozart, we were tired and hungry. I had to use the restroom, but the line at the museum was long.
  • I’ve loved Mozart since I was a teenager when that fabulous movie, Amadeus, came out. I’m not sure about its historically accuracy, but that film sure went a long way toward inspiring me to appreciate classical music.
  • Out of France and into Switzerland we drove. The mountain villages in the Alps were deserted in mid-June. The ski season had just ended and the white water rafting and mountain biking seasons had not quite begun.
  • After fending off Eiffel Tower keychains offered by seven different vendors, exploring the area around the Paris landmark, and soaking our tired feet in the fountains, we decided it was high time we tried some crepes.
  • The morning after our arrival in France, we drove from Calais toward Paris. It was so good to be driving on the “right” side of the road again.
  • As we traveled through the Chunnel from the UK to France, we started talking about food we were leaving behind and the French cuisine we were excited to try. We laughed about the London pubs’ funny names...
  • Our time in the UK was ending. We had to go to Portsmouth to satisfy my son’s deep desire to see the HMS Victory...
  • Driving around England gave us the opportunity to try a lot of unique pubs and dining establishments. I wanted to be sure to eat some local foods...