Foundation Grants

Support from private Foundations plays a vital role in making public radio possible on the High Plains.  Given the relatively sparse population of the region, the potential for contributions from individuals and businesses is naturally more limited for HPPR compared to urban public radio stations.  Consequently, HPPR relies on foundation support as its third largest source of funding, after individual memberships and business underwriting support.  In fiscal year 2016, foundations provided about 17% of HPPR’s total operating budget support.

Foundations support is also critical for capital projects.  Given HPPR’s large service area and station network, such projects are many, including constructing and upgrading transmitter sites to serve new communities, equipping studios, building satellite and microwave networks to interconnect facilities, and upgrading essential IT system software and hardware.  HPPR’s very tight operating budget does not allow for funding such needs, hence the need for special foundation support.

If a foundation so chooses, HPPR can provide ongoing on-air recognition of its support, including mention of the foundation’s history, purpose and other support provided to the community.

If you have a connection with a foundation and are interested in discussing funding needs and possibilities, please contact Deb Oyler, HPPR’s Executive Director, by email or calling 800-678-7444.