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  •  Rocky Mountain Cannabis, a dispensary in Anthony, N.M., is located just a few steps across the state line from Anthony, Texas.
    Angela Kocherga
    Texans pay some of the highest property taxes in the country, and listeners have a lot of thoughts about how that could be addressed. One unconventional idea we’ve heard: offsetting homeowners’ tax bills with revenue from legal weed. So, could that actually work?
  • The Texas Legislature is required to approve changes to political boundaries during the first regular session after census data is released. But the coronavirus pandemic led lawmakers to pass their latest maps in the offseason — during the third Special Session of 2021's 87th Legislative Session, pictured above.
    Gabriel C. Pérez
    The Senate Special Committee on Redistricting held hearings last week on the current map defining state Senate districts.The map, along with the rest of Texas’s political boundaries, were redrawn in 2021 by the Republican-majority Texas Legislature and are still seeing pushback from Democrats.