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Anthony Reardon

Host, Planting the Plains

Anthony Reardon is the West Plains District Horticulture Extension Agent for Kansas State University, based in Scott City and Garden City.

His mission: to provide the folks in the High Plains with timely, yet timeless, research-based, reliable, horticultural information that can assist in bettering everyday lives by easing the burden of troublesome landscape issues.

To reach Anthony with questions or comments, please send him an email!

  • Even though the name might suggest a longer lifespan. annuals are a great way to brighten up a porch or garden — and right now is the perfect time to make your yearly purchase of these colorful beauties.
  • It's common knowledge that some folks like to talk to their plants, but at least so far, they haven't started to talk back to us. But if they could, they might tell us they need more water! In this week's show, I'll share some signs and symptoms of plant dehydration, and how to prevent it during dry times.
  • One of the more common enemies of junipers and arborvitae on the high plains, which is hatching at this very moment, is the bagworm.Known for their hanging cocoons built from defoliated plant material, bagworm caterpillars can quickly overtake a landscape when left untreated.This makes now, while the worms are still traveling and exposed, the perfect time for treatment. Tune in to this week's episode to hear more about how!
  • Water availability is more and more of a problem on the high plains. A popular current trend is "native gardening", which simply refers to finding a way to mimic a plant's native environment to get it to thrive. Knowing which plants make sense for our water outlook will help you make better and longer-lasting choices for your garden!
  • I've experienced many plant questions in my day. But when it comes to houseplants, the question is almost always the same: How do I keep them alive? The answer to this, predictably, can be complicated, but it'll start with considering the native environment of the plant you're working with.
  • What keeps you from getting the most out of your garden, or from planting one at all? This week, I review the five primary issues that discourage most gardeners, and how to overcome or even prevent them. So that you're able to get ALL of the benefits of gardening!
  • In this week's show Luke relates a fishing trip a couple days ago to Lake Ray Hubbard, just east of Dallas with his friends guide Brandon Sargent with Lead Slingers Guide service and Jeff Rice. Learn about a new lure that Brandon has invented as well as a quick, easy and TASTY way to cook fresh fish.
  • Spring brings warmth, and warmth starts the flow of sap within your trees, ending their annual slumber...and thus making it a great time to prune your trees. Broken, diseased or dead branches are fairly obvious things to clip off, but what else should you consider pruning, and how much of the tree should you be pruning every year? Check out this week's episode to find out!
  • With inflation affecting grocery prices, your costs have likely gone up, so why not consider saving money while eating well by planting your own vegetable garden? This is the perfect time, and time of year, to get started! Click the link on this page to hear the full episode!