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TUNED IN: ‘I'm In Love. What's That Song?’


Music To Fill Our Living Rooms:

Up first is Paul & Lezlee (of En Power & Light) on Friday, February 15 at the HPPR Studios—Garden City (210 N. 7th St.)

Show starts at 7 p.m. (Central).

Suggested Donation: $15 (Make life easy. Please bring cash!)

RSVP for Paul & Lezlee (of En Power & Light) online, or call 806.367.9088.

The following Friday features The Division Men on February 22 at the Chalice Abbey (2717 Stanley)

Doors open at 7 p.m. (Central) Show starts at 7:30 p.m. (Central)

Suggested Donation: $15 (Make life easy. Please bring cash!)

**Coffee provided by Palace Coffee Company**

RSVP for The Division Men online, or call 806.367.9088.

Made-up Prairie Microbe Model 7 by Ron Michael

There's So Much More Happening On The High Plains This Weekend

Ron Michael's "Pondering the Prairie Substrate"

at GCCC's Mercer Gallery

Feb. 8 to March 8, 2019

9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Free)

Mercer Gallery at Garden City Community College, 801 Campus Drive, Garden City, KS 67846

More: "Ron Michael’s artwork consists of sculpture, vessels, disks, and drawings that are inspired by the landscape, soil and geology of Kansas. Although most works are conjured from his imagination, they reference organisms, objects and remnants that mingle in this subtle and alluring ecosystem."

Achievement in Art: Pam & William Campbell

Jan. 26 to March 31, 2019

Tuesday-Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m./ Saturday-Sunday 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. (Fee)

Amarillo Museum of Art, 2200 S. Van Buren Street, Amarillo, TX 79109

More: "Through the years, Bill and Pam Campbell of Fort Worth, Texas have been an integral part of the contemporary art scene. Since 1974, William Campbell Contemporary Art has dealt with some of the most important artists of the day, as well as some of the most promising ones that have come to their notice. Many of the latter have become the former. The years have brought an ever-widening circle of involvements in the art world, as well as a life beyond anything ever expected."

These and many more events across the High Plains can be found here.



Listen To ‘Oleander’ Commentary This Saturday On 'Open Range'

HPPR listeners can now enjoy a Prairie Home Companion-esque monologue during the second hour of Stephen Johnson’s Open Range.

Oleander - Thoughts From Here are four- to five-minute commentaries that will be heard on the first and third Saturdays of the month in the 3 o’clock hour (CT) of Open Range. [THAT'S THIS SATURDAY!] The program bills itself as “regional commentary by a fictional Kansan, William Jennings Bryan Oleander of Here, Kansas.”

It continues, “Oleander attempts to tease out the essence of place. It springs from the mind of author Thomas Fox Averill, an O. Henry Award winner and Professor Emeritus of English at Washburn University of Topeka. For more than 25 years, Oleander has become a tradition that honors and examines life in Kansas and on the High Plains.”

Don’t miss it.


HPPR.org is your go-to spot for the latest news from the High Plains region, as well as our events, exclusives, and features. You’ll also find the latest national and international news. Here are this week's TOP STORIES from our website.

1. Archaeologists Find Evidence Of Human Habitation In The Rockies Stretching Back 9,000 Years

2. Kansas Republicans Make Moves That Could Derail The Democratic Governor's Budget Plan

3. Sherlock - Science vs. Story?

4. Colorado Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill Advances After Combative, Explicit Testimony

5. Deceased Mountain Lion Found In North Central Kansas

6. An Effort Is Underway To Restore Playa Lakes On The High Plains

7. For 5th Time, Colorado Lawmakers Try To Ban Conversion Therapy For Minors

8. Reporters Uncover 20 Years Of Sexual Abuse In Southern Baptist Churches

9. High Plains Outdoors: Mountain Lion Encounter

10. Immigration stories, caricatures and stereotypes at the Stauth Museum


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