Growing on the High Plains: 2021 Seed Catalogs—Part One

Mar 19, 2021

As the months of 2021 unfurl, and we all setting in to the realization that the coronavirus is still with us, it's nice to know there is a timely distraction available for anyone looking forward to the Spring planting season. Those who have cultivated their gardening obsession over the years know what I'm talking about: seed catalogs! We've covered this topic in the past, but this year's crop of new publications has resulted in some real delight. Weathering the difficulties of this past year has me yearning for the dirt, and the variety of novel botanicals, fruit trees, berry bushes, and veggies for the bed have opened a lot of excitement for new possibilities. Gardening has always provided a therapeutic escape during times of global instability, so if you've been struggling, consider taking up some tools this Spring and making something grow.