Kansas High Court Could Deliver Half a Billion in New Funds to Schools

Sep 19, 2016

Credit KSN

Wednesday will be an important day for Kansas public-school students, reports KSN.

In two days, the Kansas Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether the system is inadequately funded. The court will decide whether the Legislature is providing enough money for Kansas public school kids to receive a suitable education. Kansas schools and teacher groups are watching the developments closely.

If the court decides in favor of the schools, more money could be on the way—as much as a half a billion dollars, in fact. Contract talks have stalled in the state because experienced teachers have asked for raises where, often, there is simply no more money available. Steve Wentz is the president of the United Teachers of Wichita. He said, “We all know money is an issue, but I believe that there is a disconnect and we are at the point where the rubber meets the road.