My Fellow Kansans: S3 Episode 6: Michelle Taylor

Aug 10, 2020

Getting married and having your first child is stressful enough. Try making those life changes during a pandemic. As a teacher.

It's been a year of significant events for Michelle Taylor, who teaches communications to middle- and high schoolers.

She got married, had a baby and learned how to adapt to online teaching, though sometimes, she says, "I'm just like pushing content out without getting that relationship with students."

Taylor talked to the Kansas News Service about what she's thinking about as schools plan to go back to in-person instruction, and how the word of the 2020-21 school year is flexibility.

Episode 6 is also the final one of My Fellow Kansans' third season, which was meant to be an interlude of sorts. But keep an eye on your podcast feed — we might have a bonus episode or two for you as long as the coronavirus sticks around.