Superintendents: Proposed finance formula would hurt schools in Southwest Kansas

Mar 29, 2017

Credit Indiana Public Media / Flickr Creative Commons

A proposed Kansas school finance formula drew more fire this week, in the closing day of hearings on the plan.

As The Hutchinson News reports, Garden City Superintendent Steven Karlin testified that the formula provides inadequate funding. Karlin lamented that under the proposal, Garden City’s district would lose over $1.7 million dollars of funding in a single year. Such a sever cut in funding could affect as many as 28 teaching positions in the small city of only 27,000 residents.

Holcomb Superintendent Jean Rush also spoke, questioning if a district’s budget would be adjusted in the final months of a fiscal year based on the proposed second enrollment count day. Rush also complained of inadequate bilingual student funding.

The House panel may amend the bill next week.